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Frequently asked questions about the tour

Q: Where can I book and pay?
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Q: I am interested in Serbian history - is this tour for me?

A: Definitely! Every culture is shaped through its history. We take you on a tasty time travel.

Q: When can I take the tour?

A: We do tours each day from 11 am to 15 pm, but other times are also available, just click the booking option and we will figure out the best day and time for you. You can also contact us.

Q: Where do we start the tour?

A: After we confirm your booking you will receive an email with map and instructions.

Q: I am a vegetarian/alergic - can I take the tour?

A: Of course, just let us know in advance and we will adjust the menu for you.

Q: How many people can take the tour?

A: We make groups of maximum 6. If you are a bigger group feel free to contact us and we will provide you with more than one host.

Q: My kids are with me- do they pay the same price? Will they also enjoy the tour?

A: Children up to 15-years-old get 50% discount. The price includes the tour and the special treats. We have special stories up our sleaves that entertain all generations- just let us know their age and interest.

Q: I am low on energy/tired - can I still enjoy the tour?

A: We make sure to go at your own pace. Do not worry, luckily we know some traditional remedies that will boost your energy!

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