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What to expect when visiting Food and Culture Tour

We take you for a pleasant walk from one place to another to explore tastes, culture and history of Serbia and Belgrade. Our main goal is to offer a variety of domestic dishes, snacks and beverages served in authentic places, talk about and show how life in Belgrade is today and how it came to be. During the tour we also tell you about some of the main sights of Belgrade we pass by.

We spice up every bite with stories dear to Serbian hearts. To experience the full flavor of Serbian lifestyle and heritage we invite you to places that make you feel like you are in a Serbian home. We invite you to participate in customs related to eating. After our tour you will know when and how to drink rakija, how to order a song from a band in a kafana*, how to write in Cyrillic, what to bring as a present to a Serbian slava** and how to dance on a Serbian wedding .

Welcome! / Добродошли! / Dobrodošli!

*a distinct type of local bistro
**ritual family festivity in the name of of one’s family’s patron saint
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Serbia on a bigger plate

Expand your visit to Belgrade and make it a six hour treat.
Serbia on a bigger plate tour

Savour your day in Belgrade slowly and make the most of it. Unravel the gourmet scene of a range of seven local restaurants, bars, a green market and taverns, and prolong your hedonistic journey all the way to Zemun, a bohemian town on the river Danube. Take part in the adventure of discovering the intricacy of local history, in a place where cultures mix and the east and west cuisine blend.

from 80 €

  • Basic details & what's included

    • 16 types of food to taste
    • (equivalent to brunch and lunch)
    • Vegetarian / food intolerance options
    • 7 venues
    • 5 drinks
    • 6 hours guided tour in a small group
    • 2 souvenirs
    • Culture memory booklet
    • Visit a bohemian part of the city on the Danube
    • Estimated walking distance 4 km

Serbia on
your plate

Spend 4 hours like a local and find out the most interesting recipes and customs.
Serbia on your plate tour

Serbian culture is palatable! Especially if told in a slower pace, which allows more time to digest mouth-watering combination of flavors. A visit to 6 authentic places, wrapped up by a stroll through a green market and a bohemian quarter, reveals delicious cultural moments interlaced with local cuisine.

from 56 €

  • Basic details & what's included

    • 14 types of food to taste
    • (equivalent to breakfast and lunch)
    • Vegetarian / food intolerance options
    • 6 venues
    • 4 drinks
    • 4 hours guided tour in a small group
    • 1 souvenir
    • Culture memory booklet
    • /
    • Estimated walking distance 3 km

Serbia on a toothpick

Get the appetizing amount of bites and stories for just 2.5 hours.
Serbia on a toothpick tour

Visit 4 diverse places, from traditional to modern, and sence the uniqueness of Serbian lifestyle and the vibrant city center. Savor carefully selected tastes that will guide you through the past and even the future of Belgrade.

from 40 €

  • Basic details & what's included

    • 8 types of food to taste
    • (equivalent to brunch)
    • Vegetarian / food intolerance options
    • 4 venues
    • 3 drinks
    • 2,5 hours guided tour in a small group
    • /
    • Culture memory booklet
    • /
    • Estimated walking distance 1 km

We offer guided tour through Belgrade Fortress in addition to food tours.
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Additional sightseeing with licensed tour guide possible
(for more details contact us)
Meet us

How the Food and Culture Tour was born

We yearn to build a connection between people by presenting differences in cultures, customs and ways of life. By doing this we realized how universal the core values of all of us are.

We take the best food Belgrade has to offer and enrich it with stories about Serbian history and culture. We also like to share personal experiences with people coming to visit.

We want to share our love for Belgrade that grows bigger every day!


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