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Food and Culture Tour in Belgrade


What to expect when visiting Food and Culture Tour

We take you for a pleasant walk from one place to another to explore tastes, culture and history of Serbia and Belgrade. Our main goal is to offer a variety of domestic dishes, snacks and beverages served in authentic places, talk about and show how life in Belgrade is today and how it came to be. During the tour we also tell you about some of the main sights of Belgrade we pass by.

We spice up every bite with stories dear to Serbian hearts. To experience the full flavor of Serbian lifestyle and heritage we invite you to places that make you feel like you are in a Serbian home. We invite you to participate in customs related to eating. After our tour you will know when and how to drink rakija, how to order a song from a band in a kafana*, how to write in Cyrillic, what to bring as a present to a Serbian slava** and how to dance on a Serbian wedding .

Welcome! / Добродошли! / Dobrodošli!

*a distinct type of local bistro
**ritual family festivity in the name of of one’s family’s patron saint
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Serbia on a bigger plate tour

* 16 types of food to taste
(equivalent to brunch and lunch)
* 7 venues
* 5 drinks
* 6 hours guided tour in a
small group
* 2 souvenirs & culture
memory booklet
* Visit a Bohemian part of the
city on Danube

Price: 98 e/per person
Estimated walking distance 4 km

Serbia on your plate tour

* 14 types of food to taste
(equivalent to breakfast and lunch)
* 6 venues
* 4 drinks
* 4 hours guided tour in a
small group
* 1 souvenir & culture
memory booklet

Price: 68 e/per person
Estimated walking distance 3 km

Serbia on a toothpick tour

* 8 types of food to taste
(equivalent to brunch)
* 4 venues
* 3 drinks
* 2,5 hours guided tour in a
small group
* Culture memory booklet

Price: 48 e/per person
Estimated walking distance 1 km

We offer guided tour through Belgrade Fortress in addition to food tours.

We offer: Group Discount!

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Meet us

How the Food and Culture Tour was born

We yearn to build a connection between people by presenting differences in cultures, customs and ways of life. By doing this we realized how universal the core values of all of us are.

We take the best food Belgrade has to offer and enrich it with stories about Serbian history and culture. We also like to share personal experiences with people coming to visit.

We want to share our love for Belgrade that grows bigger every day!

You will meet on the tour:

Few words about friendly faces you will meet at the tour


Ana Novaković

Tourismologist and Adventurer

Tells you exactly what you want and need to know, like she has been reading your fortune form a Serbian coffee cup (Oh wait she can really do it!). Since she has perfected preparing different kinds of tours for more than 5 years, the food & culture tours represent a treat to her, like a cherry on the top of a cake!

Ana comes from a long family line from Serbian capitals (both the medieval Serbian capital of Kruševac and younger capital of Belgrade) and is a mix of German national minority (Donau Schwaben) and the redheaded Slavs from Prokletije mountains.


Jovana Travica

Philologist and a first class storyteller

This long time slava organizer spices up every detail and makes it more appetizing to digest. And all that in Dutch, German, English and Spanish. Don’ t forget Serbian of course.

She comes from a big family (51 family members only from her father’s side!). Their roots go all the way to the Dalmatian coast, therefore her capital city mentality is mixed with Dalmatian tradition.


Đorđe Šumanović

and aesthete

Plants the seed of every story with care and nourishes it with humor.

He traces descent from both sides of the Danube. Mother from central Serbia and father from Vojvodina, met each other in Libya and instantly fell in love. 1/8 German, 1/8 Hungarian and 6/8 Serbian. Carries the surname of a renowned Serbian expressionist painter.


Bogdan Spasojević

and avid cyclist

When you see him with a camera you can be sure something amazing is going to be created. Passion for photography and enjoying outdoors was inherited from his father and love of exploring and traveling from his mother. Eager to capture the right moment that will last forever on his photos and always provoke emotion. Constantly trying to find new angle, not just in photography but in everyday life.


Marko Radošević

Traveling cook and Entrepreneur

Born and raised on the bohemian pavements of Belgrade. Passionately involved into traditional cuisine across Serbia and Balkan. Traveled a lot with aim to explore other gastronomies throughout region and can easily evoke local custom as it is, without hesitation. Work in tourism sector for many years.


Jovana Perović

Designer and Expert in walking through Belgrade

Designer by profession but tour guide by passion. Food here is combination of many different spices, ingredients and cultures and so are people. Jovana pulls together contrast of influences from all the Balkan regions (territory once upon a time called Yugoslavia) as a person from a very mixed family: (discipline) Slovenian and (relaxed) Montenegrin, (passionate) Serbian and (easygoing) Bosnian.


Maja Vučković

Web designer, blogger and dream chaser

Maja helps small businesses build a strong web presence through design and consulting services.

Also, she runs an online website geared toward helping creative entrepreneurs build their dream business.

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