Unique gifts for your business partner visiting Belgrade

Are you thinking about a high-quality gift for your business partner, an important client or your boss visiting Belgrade soon? Would you like to avoid the usual gifts and are you aiming for something more unique and memorable?

You might be thinking about surprising your partner with something that can strengthen the trust between you or help you build trust with a prospective partner. Or simply show appreciation to your long term client or boss.

Or it simply could be you don’t have enough time, so would like to easily have somethingof good quality and ready-made.

Why not think about giving away an experience instead of a material gift?

Food & Culture tour in Belgrade offers three different food tours which are a  complete culinary and cultural experience of Belgrade in a short amount of time. This makes is an adequate gift if you don’t have a lot of free time, but would still love to organize something unique and memorable for your business partners or clients.

During the tour guests have enough time to relax, enjoy different types of delicious local foods and drinks as well as to hear interesting stories about local history, customs and mentality. Stories and stops are accompanied by an experienced local guide.

In the period of 2,5h, 4h or 6 hours the guests get a complete experience of the city which helps them relax,feel at home and connect with the local mentality and lifestyle.

Serbia on a Toothpick, Serbia on a Plate, Serbia on a Bigger Plate tours could be a different and high-quality gift for your partners or clients that they will remember.

You can organize a tour for them or share the whole experience with them, either to get to know each others cultures and mentality better or to simply relax together after a long day in the office.

For more information and bookings visit: https://foodtourbelgrade.com/

Street food tour

Serbia on a toothpick

Serbia on your plate

Serbia on a bigger plate