Our suggestions for your day trip to Novi Sad from Belgrade

Planning a trip to Novi Sad? Here are some recommendations by Food & Culture Tour in Belgrade.

Food & Culture Tour in Belgrade presents you a possible day trip route with activities and places you could visit in Novi Sad, a city 90 km northern from Belgrade, situated in Vojvodina, a region that will mesmerize you with its unique and tasty cuisine.

Some brief facts about Novi Sad:

  • The city counts 250,000 inhabitants
  • It is also known as a University town on the river Danube
  • Just across the river from Novi Sad you can visit the lovely Petrovaradin fortress which hosts the famous Exit festival.

Novi Sad offers a slower pace of life and relaxing atmosphere as well as good parties and chances to meet friendly people.

These are our recommendations for Novi Sad so let’s start…

You can buy bus tickets at the main Belgrade bus station for app. 13-14 EUR (round trip). The bus will take 1.5 hours to reach your destination. For more experience you can also go by train, which is cheaper (app. 5 – 6 EUR), however a lot slower, it will take you around 2.5 hours – unless you’re lucky with the fast one!

The bus and train station in Novi Sad are located next to each other, just like in Belgrade.

We suggest that you plan your trip before the noon, so you have more time to explore the city.

1st STOP

You can take a walk through the main pedestrian zone: Zmaj Jovina Street and visit The Danube Park. In the city center you can visit the main cathedral behind which there’s a small square with many cafes. You can continue your walk to the green market “Riblja pijaca”.

2nd STOP

Definitely visit Petrovaradin Fortress. The town Petrovaradin is a beautiful small town just across the river Danube and it has a fortress. There, on the top, you’ll find the restaurant “Osam tamburaša” which has a great view. We suggest that you have a drink there.

Visit their official page.

3rd STOP

For a lunch we would recommend Piknik restaurant in Novi Sad. You may go there by taxi. Please see the map bellow.

*Please do pay attention that taxi in Novi Sad is very affordable. For example the start is 70 RSD, and city ride is 52-66 RSD for each kilometer. You can find the list of taxis on this link.

From the menu you can try: fish stew or any fresh water fish meal and for dessert you should try šnenokle (it is typical for Vojvodina region; tastes like marshmallow (made out of sugar and egg white) with vanilla creme;) or koh (a cake soaken in a milk).

4th STOP

For the evening, we propose the famous club area in Novi Sad is the Street Laze Telečkog. There’s a lot of cafes, pubs and it’s in the city center.



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