Crna ovca ice cream shop

Black Sheep is the actual translation of the name of this ice cream shop in Kralja Petra Street No 58, Belgrade.

”We are very unique because the tastes and the recipes for our ice creams differ from the conventional and traditional.”

As the logo itself everything in this store is so sweet. It’s a buzz in this small ice cream factory, but we had a chance to steal a little bit of time from one of the owners of this remarkable shop.

“Try the sesame flavour”, Zoran advised us, “you know, having a sesame ice cream seems to be, ok that’s easy, but it’s very hard to find the right sort of sesame that will be recognizable in an ice cream. When you taste it, it has to be a yes, this is definitely it. So, we had some kind of a quest for sesame that is suitable and after forth search, we finally found it!”

“We wanted to make something distinctive and not ordinary so we changed the typical recipes. It’s not the Italian ice cream, light and sweet, it’s not the American one, dense and strong, it’s a fusion of everything that we learned about ice creams. We experiment and we are always searching for a true savour.”

Recently kajmak, a Serbian creamy dairy product, got its delight form thanks to Crna ovca. In autumn they are preparing bacon flavor. They make ice creams with a lot of passion and sometimes even make the cake first and then transform it into an ice cream, like crème brûlée.

Crna ovca is an exceptional store because they have a vision of how this delight should look like and taste like. Along with regular flavours like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla you’ll find interesting choices and funny combinations. Especially close to our Food and Culture Tour taste is raspberry, a Serbia’s number one exporting fruit, typically produced in the western parts of country. Currently it’s high season for raspberries in Serbia, so hurry up and taste them in the sweet combination of a perfect ice cream in a modern interior of Crna ovca ice cream shop in Kralja Petra Street No 58, Belgrade.

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