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Scents and Sounds Map of Belgrade – Edition Zemun


Scents and sounds Map of Zemun

Would you like to experience Belgrade in a unique way? Food and Culture Tour in Belgrade presents you the map of Belgrade boroughs explained by its scents and sounds. In this first edition you can find Zemun.

The places on the map were chosen by the locals and are dear to their hearts, noses and ears. Take their advice and let your senses guide you! Enjoy!

Mapa Zemun

  1. If you walk up the Sinđelićeva street on a Friday night you will hear the music from the traditional kafanas. These sounds will make you want to go inside, dance and share an unforgettable night out with your friends and locals in Zemun.
  2. Go to a small platform on the Danube down the stairs from the kayak sport club Galeb. This is a perfect spot to stop for a second and listen to the waves hitting the platform. It’s also a great spot to enjoy the sunset over the new bridge over the Danube.
  3. The highlight of your Zemun visit any time of the year will definitely be reaching the top of the Gardoš hill. When you get up there go up the small medieval wall from where you will be able to admire the entire Zemun as well as Belgrade on the other side of the rivers. Enjoy a moment of silence when you get up here. If you listen very carefully you will hear the pulse of once two cities underneath your feet…




  1. Go to the Danube riverbank in Zemun and enjoy the smell of freshly caught fish from the river. Or even better smell the finely prepared fish in some of the cozy restaurants along the Danube.
  2. It’s almost unimaginable to stroll down the Zemun quay without being tempted by the smell of popcorn racing their way out of the popcorn machines you can find every couple of meters along the quay.
  3. Go to Glavna 14 and enter the lovely Soko Štark candy store where you can find delicious Serbian sweets. The smel inside the Soko Štark store will make you forget the time and take you to your favorite fairy tale.
  4. If you go close to Pinokio pancake house in Karađorđeva bb the smell that makes your mouth water and fills your heart with childhood memories will guide you to the most delicious pancakes is the city! (Doćol, watch out!) The smell of Pinokio pancakes will remind you of a Serbian grandma you never had.




  1. Come to the the Zemun quay in early spring and go up a small hill next to the Jugoslavija hotel. From this cozy view point you can enjoy the smell of first flowers of the year as well as the waking grass after the winter.
  2. If you come to Zemun during the summer you cannot miss visiting the Great War Island. The crunching sound of the pontoon military bridge over the Danube will take you to Lido, the semi wild beach on the island. This sound fires up your adrenaline while you’re heading to the wild nature of this green oasis in the heart of Belgrade.
  3. Once you’ve arrived to the island follow the birdsong. The Great War Island is known for a great number of migrating birds and a big variety of bird species that can only be found here.




If you’re not sure how to reach some of these locations, feel free to write to and we will be more than happy to share the instructions to our favorite places in Zemun with you! See you in Zemun!


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