Me and the wife took the tour, yesterday, April 28th. Our guide was Marina, we worked with Maja at the office.

Maja was attentive and provided great service, with quick turnaround and attention to details.

Marina went above and beyond all the reasonable steps to provide the best experience possible. In spite of a rainy day, she made the tour interesting filling us with details and interesting stories as we walked and while we ate. She even took with her a detailed map of Serbia’s history, and was quite knowledgeable answering our questions about the past of this country, including the 90’s wars.

This was primarily a food tour, though, and we need to address that. The choices were shiny and delicious. I wish we had more room to enjoy all the good stuff that was served, it was quite impossible to finish it all.

In conclusion, we highly recommend this tour, and Marina.

Street food tour

Serbia on a toothpick

Serbia on your plate

Serbia on a bigger plate