Things to do in Belgrade for a few hours

Do you happen to stay just one night or less in Belgrade? If so, there’s more than enough for you to do to stay amused and to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the capital of Serbia.

Below we list all the possible things you can do depending on the time you have till your next flight or travel.

These are not ordinary recommendations. Do you want to feel like local? Then do the things locals do!

3 – 4 HOURS

If you have only 3 or 4 hours in Belgrade and you arrive at the Central Railway Station or Central Bus Station (they are next to each other) we suggest:

Exit the station.

Turn left as soon as you exit the station and head towards the Belgrade Fortress. You can ask a fellow pedestrian: “Izvinite, gde je Kalemegdan?” / – Excuse me, where is Kalemegdan? (it’s actually a park around the Belgrade Fortress and the most common name used for the whole area).


You will notice that in Serbia people are really helpful and known for being good hosts so they’ll do their best to help you out on the street or where ever you meet them.


1. Visit Savamala district, a busy party district in Belgrade near the first bridge over Sava river – Branko’s bridge. Have a drink in charming cultural center Grad, situated in an old warehouse.



1. Visit “Question mark” restaurant in Kralja Petra street 6, the oldest restaurant in Belgrade. If you feel hungry, we suggest a typical Serbian appetizer meze or ćevapi – grilled minced meat dish. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, grilled vegetables or delicious ajvar salad made of roasted red peppers could be the right choice for you.

Question mark restaurant

2. Admire Victor monument on the Belgrade Fortress and enjoy the beautiful view.

The Victor monument

3. Time to go back! You’ll miss your train/bus! 🙂

6 – 8 HOURS

If you have only 6 to 8 hours in Belgrade and you arrive at the Central Railway Station or Central Bus Station (they are next to each other) we suggest:

Exit the station and follow the map below. Go up a quite steep Balkanska Street and you’ll end up at Terazije square in front of Moskva Hotel. (to be continued below)

Hotel Moskva

If you have only 6 to 8 hours in Belgrade and you arrive at Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla” then we suggest:

Take a shuttle bus from the airport.  Tickets are purchased on the bus and one ride costs 300 RSD (app. 2.5 EUR). It will drop you at Slavija square (take off when you see a big roundabout after 20-30 minutes ride).  From there you can grab a cab to Terazije square, near Moskva hotel. It should cost around 500 RSD (app. 4 EUR) or you can take trolleybus lines 22 and 29 for two stops. You may purchase a ticket form the driver for 150 RSD (app. 1.2 EUR).


You are standing now in front of the Moskva hotel, the oldest hotel in town, on Terazije square. Now you can start walking in order to experience the heart of the city more.

1. Head to Skadarlija Street, the most famous bohemian area in the city in which you will find many traditional restaurants/taverns with live music.

Skadarlija Street

If you can’t find the street or you’re not good with maps just go and just ask someone: “Izvinite, gde je Skadarlija?” – Excuse me, where is Skadarlija? Showing the people that you can actually ask something in Serbian will put smiles on their faces and believe us, people will do their best to show you the way.

Each restaurant offers great food, however our preference would be Velika Skadarlija at the end of the street. You may try “teletina ispod sača” – roasted beef served in a special pottery. If you prefer vegetables, then try ajvar salad – minced grilled peppers or prebranac – cooked and baked beans.

2. The next stop should definitely be knez Mihailova Street. Please follow the route on the map below. This is a vibrant pedestrian street in Belgrade. In the end you will enter Kalemegdan park that surrounds Belgrade Fortress. You should definitely visit the Victor monument standing tall on the top of the fortress. Along his side you can enjoy a beautiful view of the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers.

Knez Mihailova Street

3. Next step is to visit the Sava riverbank. If you follow our map you’ll arrive near the Beton hala, an old harbor storage, converted into a place stocked with many modern bars and restaurants just next to the water. From here you will see the first bridge that crosses Sava river – Branko’s bridge.

Sava riverbank

4. Next to Branko’s bridge is Savamala district, a busy party area where you can find many clubs. It’s definitely more vivid during the night and the weekends. Strolling down the river is a more peaceful option.

5. If you don’t want to miss your bus or train now is the right time to go back to the airport/bus or railway station.



Feeling sad because you have to leave so soon? Well, we hope the next time you’ll get a chance to stay a bit longer… 🙂



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